Russo Family :: Portrait Session


Family photos. All day, everyday, please.

I met up with the Russos near their home in New Jersey recently (I might be Seattle-based these days, but after nearly 3 years of living on the road, it turns out that I have friends and clients spread across the country!) and we had a BALL playing on the docks on a gorgeous spring day!

You want to know the secret to amazing family portraits?


It really is that simple.

I know you spent a lot of money on the session. I know that Great Grandma Gertrude keeps nagging you for “a nice family picture.” I know that you want everything to “be perfect.”

But your furrowed brow of worry won’t help. Neither will continuously yelling at your kids to smile or adjusting their clothing every time they move.

“Family meltdown” is likely not what you had envisioned, right?

So here’s what to do instead:

1. Breathe. (I’m serious…actually take a few deep breaths.)

2. Take a second to soak in your family. They are pretty awesome, after all.

3. PLAY with them. Chase your kids around. Canoodle with your partner a bit. Toss those pip-squeaks in the air and genuinely enjoy the sound of their hysterical giggles.

I know that for most of us, having a camera pointed at us feels awkward and uncomfortable and the urge to writhe in our self-consciousness can be overwhelming.

That’s okay! It’s seriously no big deal!

Part of my job description includes “Fun Facilitator” and I take that part of my work very seriously.

For real, though.

The fun is at the heart of genuine interaction and the moments that capture your family as they really are right now.

So let’s get the laughter started!

Cindy was simply amazing! During our family photo session, she was able to get my 4 and 2 year old to smile and play as well as get some awesome candid shots. She made the session enjoyable and fun. My kids have asked ‘When can we see Cindy again?’ I have received so many compliments on our pictures and will definitely be calling her again to capture our family.
— Kendall Russo