Hi there.


I’m Cindy.

Photographer, writer, soaker-inner of life.

Wife. Dog mom. Lover of the outdoors (and bad action movies. Oh- and snacks. I really love snacks.).

Once upon a time Raft guide (and also lawyer, but that’s a whole other story).


Always, always, insatiably curious.


That curiosity is the underlying force that drives my life and my work. 

It led me to work on rivers and lead backpacking trips all over the country in my twenties. It led to an Appalachian Trail thru-hike and conversation with a fellow hiker who turned out to be the love of my life. 

It led me to law school. It led me to set aside the law and pick up a camera.

It led us to sell our sweet home in Maine as well as all of our belongings and move into an 83-square foot camper named Kippee to spend three years exploring from the road.

And it’s what leads me to you.

It’s what drives me to truly see you, not “a client.”

To want to understand your story and what matters to you.

To be so fascinated with the real adventures that happen in your actual, messy, beautiful life. 

There’s a good reason so many of my “clients” turn into friends. 

During our time together, we will talk and we will laugh (seriously…so. much. laughing.).

I will ask you questions and I will listen when you answer.

My camera is a tool I’ve been using for more than a decade to harness that curiosity. To give it dimension and purpose. 

The highest praise I receive over and over is when people say, “I look like me in these photos, but, like, the best me ever.

It makes me happy-dance every single time (imagine the “Elaine,” only waaaayyyyy dorkier).

Want a little more insight into who I am? You can get that here.

Already feel like we’re friends?




I’ve always been self conscious about my smile. It always looks like I’m trying too hard once a camera comes out, so it’s just not natural. I immediately felt a connection with Cindy and trusted her completely and it totally paid off.

My pictures are amazing, my smile is genuine, and she captured parts of me I had no idea I even had. I’ve never been so in love with pictures of myself before.

By far this has been the best experience. I have beautiful photos that I love and people can’t stop talking about them.

Cindy is amazing at what she does. She’s kind, compassionate, knowledgable, creative, and plans for photos beyond what you request. I look forward to our next photo shoot when she comes back to Jersey- I’m already booking it now!
— Jenn Vinges